A pillar in quality assurance that advances mutual cooperation and recognition in higher education across Southeast Asian region and beyond.


To serve as a platform for collaborative efforts for quality assurance in higher education, capacity building, recognition of qualifications and cross-border mobility throughout the region, and the development of a harmonized regional quality assurance framework.


  1. to enhance and sustain the higher education system in the Southeast Asia region through quality assurance practices;

  2. to seek closer harmonization of the national quality assurance frameworks of the member countries;

  3. to promote and share good practices of quality assurance in higher education in the region;

  4. to collaborate on capacity building of quality assurance in higher education in the region;

  5. to share information on higher education and facilitate exchanges and mutual recognition of qualifications within the region and between it and other part of the world; and

  6. to ensure effective association with other international quality assurance networks and higher education organisations.